I offer personal fitness training to private-pay clients. Services include one-on-one instruction on the various components of exercise: strength training, cardiorespiratory conditioning, and flexibility. My clientele includes the de-conditioned, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, those in need of post-rehabilitation exercise, and those interested in weight management. Additionally, I offer customized fitness program design services for those who need guidance but do not want to work with a trainer on a regular basis.


Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Detail oriented, well-organized, and self-motivated

Proven ability to work with and motivate individuals with varying fitness levels, from the physically challenged to the competitive athlete

Created, supervised and monitored exercise programs based on the results of fitness evaluations and the individual's needs, goals, and capabilities. Personal training sessions included instruction in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. Performed fitness evaluations including sub-maximal graded exercise tests, body composition analysis using skin-fold calipers and bioelectrical impedance, flexibility evaluations, and tests of muscular strength and endurance.